How to Lead by Example

9 April 2023

“If you do not lead by example, you cannot expect your team to follow.”

Sri Amit Ray

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    Leading By Example

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    Leadership is an essential quality that every successful organisation needs. Leaders must demonstrate their leadership ability by leading by example. When leaders lead by example, they inspire their team members to follow in their footsteps and work towards the shared goals of the organisation.

    In this blog, we will discuss some tips on how to lead by example and become an effective leader in the workplace.

    The research

    Why step up as a leader?

    Effective leadership is critical for the success of any organization, and research has shown that it has a significant impact on the overall performance and well-being of employees. A study by the Harvard Business Review found that companies with highly effective leaders achieve 4.5 times more revenue growth than their competitors with less effective leadership.

    Additionally, a Gallup poll revealed that employees who felt their leaders possessed strong communication and managerial skills were 70% more engaged in their work. Developing strong leadership skills not only improves employee engagement and job satisfaction but also contributes to higher levels of productivity, profitability, and overall success for the organization.

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    5 Tips for demonstrating leadership in the workplace

    1. Set clear expectations: One of the essential aspects of leading by example is setting clear expectations for yourself and your team. By doing this, you demonstrate your commitment to achieving your goals and encourage your team members to follow your lead.
    2. Be accountable: As a leader, it’s essential to hold yourself accountable for your actions and take responsibility for your mistakes. When you do this, you set a positive example for your team, encouraging them to do the same.
    3. Communicate effectively: Communication is an essential part of leadership. Effective communication helps build trust, foster collaboration and ensure everyone is on the same page. When you communicate effectively, you set an example for your team to follow.
    4. Be proactive: A leader who is proactive can anticipate challenges, identify opportunities and take the necessary steps to achieve their goals. By being proactive, you demonstrate your ability to think critically and make decisions that benefit the team and the organisation.
    5. Continuously learn and develop: The best leaders are always learning and looking for ways to develop their skills. When you prioritise your own learning and development, you set an example for your team to follow and create a culture of continuous improvement.

    Leading by example FAQs

    Here are just a few of the questions The Speakers’ Gym are regularly asked during the course of our change management training programmes.

    How do you stand out for a leadership role?

    • Develop your skills: Take on new projects and responsibilities to gain experience and demonstrate your abilities.
    • Build relationships: Develop strong relationships with colleagues and superiors, and seek feedback to continuously improve.
    • Demonstrate initiative: Take the lead on projects and take ownership of tasks to show that you are proactive and can work independently.

    How do you say I am good at leadership?

    • Showcase your achievements: Highlight specific accomplishments and successes that demonstrate your leadership skills.
    • Seek feedback: Ask colleagues and superiors for feedback and incorporate their suggestions to improve your leadership abilities.
    • Use specific language: Use action-oriented language and provide concrete examples to support your claims.

    What do I need so that I can do my best work?

    • Clear goals: Have clear, achievable goals that align with the company’s mission and your own personal values.
    • Adequate resources: Have access to the necessary resources, such as tools, training, and support, to do your job effectively.
    • Supportive environment: Work in an environment that supports collaboration, open communication, and feedback.

    How have I demonstrated successful leadership on our team?

    • Setting goals and expectations: Clearly communicate expectations and goals to team members, and hold them accountable for meeting those expectations.
    • Providing support and guidance: Offer support, guidance, and mentorship to team members to help them achieve their goals and improve their skills.
    • Encouraging collaboration: Foster an environment of collaboration and open communication among team members to promote teamwork and productivity.
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    Ready to unlock your leadership potential?

    Leading by example is an essential aspect of effective leadership. By setting clear expectations, being accountable, communicating effectively, being proactive and continuously learning and developing, you can become a leader that inspires and motivates your team to achieve their shared goals.

    At The Speaker’s Gym, we offer a range of change management courses, including our Leadership Development Course, to help you develop the skills needed to become an effective leader in the workplace. Enrol now and take the first step towards becoming a leader who leads by example.

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