Executive Training Courses

Our Just Cause is to unlock the limitless potential of you and your people for a better business tomorrow. This is not just a nice statement. We’ve delivered it successfully, many times – in multiple industries, to people from every walk of life, and with every size of company; from SME to blue chip conglomerate.

Our accredited courses use everything that we’ve learned from our three decades in acting and elite sport and apply it to business-focused solutions. These are our off-the-shelf business communication courses.

Speak with the team

    Our Accredited Courses

    Are you having problems with communication throughout the team? Is your retention rate pitiful? Do you struggle to command a room and take charge of a situation? Are your clients leaving you in droves because you can’t close deals adequately? Is your leadership hierarchy fundamentally broken, either through infighting or dysfunctionality?

    The Speakers’ Gym™ can help to resolve these issues with attendance at one or more of our three accredited courses. In our accredited course, our behavioural and communication experts, coaches, and business thought leaders will provide you with 1:1 tuition and group masterclasses to bring out the very best in you and your team.

    Public Speaking

    Our 4-Part Bespoke Public Speaking Coaching

    Public Speaking remains one of the biggest fears for people within business. In many cases, it can be a huge block to career advancement and people realising their full potential at work. Working closely with your public speaking expert coach, we’ll use our tried and tested, 4-part programme to serve your unique needs, helping you to connect, build trust and inspire.

    This executive training course is designed to help people in positions of authority to find their authentic voice. We help take any fear out of public speaking by flipping the focus from you to your audience to create a deeper connection and sense of purpose with them. This instils you with confidence and will transform you into a highly effective and generous speaker,

    The next time you’re in a client meeting, informing colleagues of changes within the business, pitching an idea to a board room, giving a keynote speech or leading a presentation, you’ll find that you command the room with a natural presence, you build a deeper connection to the audience, and therefore have a much greater impact.

    To boost your confidence and your career, find out more about this life-changing course by clicking here.

    Well being

    Speak, Listen: Act Academy: Business Communication

    Ineffective communication can sound the death knell for any organisation. The business world is littered with examples of once-thriving companies whose day has long since passed when they could still be a force to be reckoned with – and all because they didn’t communicate effectively.

    Working with our behavioural consultants, our “Speak, Listen: Act” Academy will take a systematic approach to get to the core of your communication issues and rebuild those broken lines of communication to bring functionality back to the team.

    The real-world scenarios that benefit from improved communication are endless; everything from improved staff retention to new-found confidence, to a business that runs more smoothly than it ever has before.

    To learn more about how you can change your business’s fortunes around by relearning the art of effective communication, click here.

    Business Relationships

    Accelerated Leaders Academy: Leadership Development

    Planning for the future of your company is just as important as making sure that the here and now is running like clockwork. Our Accelerated Leaders Academy is a proactive approach to nurturing the leaders of the future while also addressing any current issues that may be holding your people and your business back.

    Our Academy course will not only improve your work culture, encourage people to rise through the ranks and inspire them to bring fresh, new ideas to the table, but it helps to form a cohesive all-for-one-and-one-for-all mentality while still giving individuals the breathing space to develop their own personal targets but, crucially, not to the detriment of others.

    Our Accelerated Leaders Academy has yielded incredible real-world results, with clients praising improved morale, the confidence to be more open about their goals, and challenging the established way of working to be positively disruptive. If you want to secure the future of your company and enhance its present-day culture, then click here for more details.

    Public Speaking

    Bespoke Courses

    The three courses above are our ‘off-the-shelf’ business communication courses, and they have produced exceptional results. However, we realise that problems within businesses are as unique as the people that run them, and, sometimes, the ‘off-the-shelf’ approach just won’t work.

    That’s why, in addition to these fantastic courses, we offer a completely bespoke option. Our bespoke courses use everything that we’ve learned from our three decades in acting and elite sports and apply it to business-focused solutions. If you feel like you and your company would benefit more from this tailor-made approach, then we’d be only too happy to discuss this with you.

    Speakers Gym

    Executive Coaching FAQs

    We understand that you may have a few questions about taking part in courses that will radically alter how you act and will have an effect on your business – even if that change is extremely positive. Change is scary, but we’ll answer a few of the most popular questions here to try and put you at ease.

    How do you do executive training?

    Our executive training courses can take a few forms. One-to-one tuition is a major part of executive training, but we also run masterclasses where you’ll take part in group tasks so that you’re comfortable in both scenarios once you leave the confines of The Speakers’ Gym™ Academy.

    What is taught in leadership training?

    In leadership training, we first focus on what problems you or your organisation currently face and then double down on how we can solve them. You’ll learn how to be an effective leader and inspire confidence in your team by reversing these issues.

    What are the benefits of an executive leadership program?

    The benefits of taking part in an executive leadership program are many. You’ll gain confidence, feel more secure within yourself, safeguard your company’s future, and learn resilience, but most important of all, you’ll learn all of this and be happier for it.

    How do you train for public speaking?

    You’ll train for public speaking by working with our expert behavioural consultant. They’ll create a bespoke program that you’ll both work on to address any concerns that you have and, ultimately, turn you into a confident public speaker that can hold the attention of an audience who will hang on your every word.

    Are public speaking coaches worth it?

    Yes (but we would say that, wouldn’t we?!). In all seriousness, working with a public speaking coach more than gives you a return on your investment. In addition to the self-confidence that you’ll gain, you’ll sound authentic, and, if you’re in a sales role, your ability to sign new clients and bring in valuable new income will potentially increase tenfold.

    How much is a presentation coach?

    Book a Discovery meeting with us now to determine what type of executive training course would benefit you the most.

    How can executives improve communication skills?

    By trusting us and our executive training skills to deconstruct their current working process to find out where the breakdowns in communication are happening, together we can forge a phoenix from the flames and create a company where communication is king.

    What does a communication coach do?

    A communication coach will help companies to act as a more cohesive unit via business process management. They’ll do this by addressing the existing culture, finding out what, if any, processes can be improved and then tackling them head-on. As a result, retention can be improved, morale boosted, profits can skyrocket and the company can be perceived as an attractive proposition to potential employees and clients.

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