Speak, Listen: Act Academy: Accredited Business Communication Course

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    Speak, Listen: Act Academy

    Our strikingly effective, CPD accredited, Business Communication course

    Many of our clients are from the corporate world and, regardless of what sector or industry they ply their trade in, their problems seem to be universal;

    • Struggling to attract talent
    • Struggling to keep talent
    • Struggling with momentum, motivation, and creativity
    • Decreasing engagement levels
    • Burnout
    • Overworked staff who have bigger workloads than they can possibly manage

    Just one of these is enough to have a significant impact on profits, but a few of these issues combined is just a powder keg waiting to explode.


    Our Accredited Solution

    Exceptional communication throughout the business is central to a workforce that is happy, inspired, collaborative and connected behind a shared purpose – making, on average, 23% more profit per year.

    Our “Speak, Listen: Act” Academy develops the quality of your business’s communication to solve the problems above. We’ll ensure that participants speak and listen with authenticity, using high levels of EQ to connect with and inspire their audiences – internally and externally.

    We don’t focus on the externals, such as how to stand or what to do with your hands. We go deeper. We’ll help participants fully embrace their unique qualities, equipping them with the techniques and confidence to speak with impact and listen generously. The overall emphasis is on helping you to fully realise who you are as a speaker and to create cultures where exceptional communication drives growth.

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    Real world focus

    Real-world solutions for real-world results

    Whether preparing for pitches, speeches, presentations, or looking to share ideas confidently and connect with their teams and clients more effectively every day, our Academy will provide transferable skills for life.

    These are essential communication skills that will ultimately save and make your business a lot of money: Happier, more productive teams that are willing to stay, making the business a more attractive proposition to new top talent.

    Speakers' Gym

    The impact of communication coaching

    Not only does our style of mentoring make you a more confident and magnetic orator, but it also garners impressive results for increased business profits, improved staff retention rates, and newly-found high levels of brand confidence. Because of our communication coaching, clients have seen:

    • 38% increase in overall confidence with communication
    • 60% increase in vocal confidence
    • 42% increase in confidence to be authentic
    • 55% increase in confidence to capture an audience’s attention

    If you would like to know more about our Speak, Listen: Act Academy business communication training, then download the programme brochure, book in a Discovery meeting, or email us to start your journey towards a more confident, communicative and profitable you.

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    Communication Coach FAQs

    What is corporate communication training?

    Put simply, corporate communication training is where you will work with one of our leadership change management coaches to learn how to assess the current state of communication in your business and improve it to produce a more harmonised, happy and profitable work environment.

    What are corporate communications skills?

    Written, non-verbal, oral, listening and contextual communication are all key skills to gaining effective corporate communications skills. The Speakers’ Gym™ will teach you how to master all of these skills and more.

    What training is needed to improve communication skills?

    There is nothing scary or drastic involved in improving your communication skills. All we ask is that you come with an open mind, be receptive to constructive criticism, and embrace the idea that change can be a good thing.

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