Executive Leadership Training

Our Accelerated Leaders Academy represents a proactive approach to nurturing your new generation of leaders, hungry to progress through your ranks – safeguarding a future that is happier and full of purpose.

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    Executive Leadership Development Training

    The Problem:

    The newer generation of top talent expects more from their places of work. They want to be involved and engaged beyond their own role. They want a clear opportunity for growth. Businesses that fail to provide this are losing and struggling to attract talent.

    Our Solution:

    The Accelerated Leaders Academy is a 3-month leadership programme which supports, develops and challenges your leaders of the future.

    You will have access to individual coaching, group leadership masterclasses, a senior mentor and the opportunity to put your skills into practice. You’ll lead and collaborate on an industry-wide event to raise money for a charity that connects with the business’s wider purpose.

    As “Accelerated Leaders” you will then graduate to identify and become mentors to the next year’s cohort of participants – passing the baton and embedding the culture that they’ve helped to shape.

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    A change leadership course that’s unafraid to tackle the difficult issues

    In formulating this management leadership training, we were made acutely aware that one of the major problems that companies were experiencing was a lack of trust. Too many processes and decisions were being taken at a high level and not being filtered down through the workforce. Not only does this suck the energy out of organisations, but it also creates a lack of trust, which is cancerous for any business. We aim to rectify this.

    Our leadership courses in London cover the following key themes:

    We’ll give you – our “Accelerated Leaders” – the tools that you need in order to be involved and engaged beyond your role; to cast off the intimidation that comes with transactional leadership and gain the confidence that it takes to embrace transformational leadership; to bring transparency, trust, and communication back to the workplace and create a recession-proof business model in the process.

    Our training for leadership puts the spotlight firmly on considering whether the current way of doing business is the right way, and explores how nurturing your business’s talent through ongoing guidance and encouragement can elevate them (and therefore, the business) to the next level.


    Key outcomes of our management leadership training

    This format of leadership development program creates

    • An empowered, engaged team.
    • A working environment where people champion each other, but also have the time to nurture their own ambitions, be creative and generate momentum for themselves without the negativity attached to the dog-eat-dog environment.
    • It allows you to identify your leaders of tomorrow and safeguard your future.
    • It raises the bar on the skillset of your top talent.
    • It embeds a culture of proactivity, accountability, and generosity in service to each other and your company goals and targets.

    Put simply, this course makes your workplace a better place to be, it develops and enhances you to a level that you never thought was attainable, and it gives people the freedom to grow without the bitterness that ambition can bring.

    We also know how important empowering women is, and that is why we have created leadership courses tailored towards their strengths, ensuring that there are many key outcomes.

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    Impact of our executive leadership program

    Our leadership courses produce real, tangible results. Clients who have taken part in our leadership academy have seen the following benefits:

    • 50% increase in the extent to which participants felt they led within their teams
    • 40% increase in confidence to lead
    • 60% increase in the ability to inspire
    • 50% improvement in setting goals and targets
    • 25% increase in openness to ideas/feedback/suggestions
    • 33% improvement in the communication of expectations with their teams
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    Leadership Training FAQs

    Why should an organisation invest in executive leadership training?

    Many organisations lose their way completely unintentionally. The key to success is communication and confidence, on every level, in the company. Executive leadership training provides this foundation to build upon. Profits, confidence, client base, leadership, recession proofing and staff retention all receive a boost from Executive leadership training.

    How do you develop leadership skills?

    Hard work and discipline! Don’t worry, we’ll teach you everything that you need to know to develop your leadership skills so that your workplace can become a more effective, communicative, desirable and trustworthy place to be.

    Why is it important to learn leadership skills?

    The clue is in the title: leadership. An ineffective leader does not inspire confidence in those around them. It can, in fact, breed contempt, which does not bode well for a happy, driven workforce. The better your leadership skills, the more effective (and profitable) your team will be.

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