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“Stop presenting and start connecting”

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    Objectives of the public speaking courses

    Public Speaking remains one of the biggest fears for people in any business. In many cases, it can be a huge block to career advancement and people realising their full potential.

    We help take any fear out of public speaking so you can thrive in the environment.

    Public Speaking Coaching is where it all began for The Speakers’ Gym™ with our very first clients, and we’re still just as passionate about helping you find your authentic voice to inspire audiences today.

    We go beyond presentation skills coaching. Our public speaking programme will be tailored to your needs. We won’t tell you how to stand, what to do with your hands, or how to sound. These are just symptoms. We go much deeper. We’ll help you fully embrace your unique qualities, equipping you with the techniques and confidence to celebrate them in the public arena.

    Together, we’ll explore how to speak with authentic purpose and truly connect with and inspire your audiences. Whether you’re preparing for a pitch, panel session, keynote speech, or presentation, or even if you’re looking to connect with your team and clients more effectively, our business public speaking training based in London will help you – and make you feel great in the process.

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    Results of public speaking coaching

    You’ll know how to prepare for all of your public speaking engagements in the right way, taking the fear out of it and saving time. You’ll feel empowered to trust yourself and speak authentically with a newfound purpose. Most importantly, you build stronger connections with your audiences, whatever the context, making a bigger impact whenever you speak.

    The learning from this executive public speaking course will permeate into every aspect of your life, both personal and professional. You’ll find that you complete tasks more efficiently, you are more inclined to put forward suggestions and ideas, and people take more notice of what you say. To say that this is a life-changing experience is no overstatement.

    Speak with the team

    Public Speaking Course FAQs

    What is executive speech training?

    Executive speech training is where we take a person or persons and help them to find their true, authentic voice. A dedicated speech coach will tailor a program to help you understand the type of public speaker that you are and to embrace those strengths to make you a more effective public speaker and orator.

    Can public speaking be trained?

    Yes, it absolutely can! We find out your unique traits and make you comfortable with them so that you can give sales pitches, conduct client meetings, give presentations and lectures, and speak to your colleagues and superiors with a high degree of confidence.

    What does a public speaking coach do?

    A public speaking coach will train you to overcome any insecurities about public speaking and allow you to confidently address and command an audience, no matter the setting.

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